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Stuart Semple


  1. Please make sure you are on
  2. Click the Mint button and connect your MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet.
  3. Set the quantity you wish to purchase.
  4. Approve transactions through your wallet.


There’s a couple of simple steps you need to take to buy Six Zeros

You will need two things

  1. A Wallet, this enables you to buy and hold your NFT
  2. Some Etherium - this is so you can pay.


The quickest and safest wallet to use is MetaMask and that is what we recommend.

Setting up your MetaMask takes about 3 Minutes, here’s what you do:

Setting up a MetaMask Wallet

You will need to download a browser Extension for MetaMask. Google MetaMask or use this link to download and install it.

1. Click on Install MetaMask to start the installation.

Install MetamasMask

2. Add MetaMask to your Chrome extensions

Install Extension

3. Click on Get Started

Get Started

4. Click on Create a Wallet

Create a Wallet

5. Follow the prompts and Create Password

Create Password

6. Reveal Secret Backup Phrase

This step is by far the most sensitive part of setting up your wallet. A secret backup phrase is a 12-word unique phrase, that helps restore access to your wallet if you ever forget your password or use a different computer.

No one should ever ask for your secret backup phase, so make sure you do not share it with anyone . Write it in multiple places that only you can access and make sure you do not lose your secret phrase. If lost, you will not be able to access your wallet in case your computer is lost, stolen, or if data gets corrupted.

Secret Backup Phrase

7. All Done

Finally, you will receive this message which means your wallet has been successfully created.

All Done

Buy (ETH)

Once you have set up your MetaMask wallet, you will need Ether (ETH) to pay for your first NFT. You can either buy ETH on Metamask or transfer it from another existing wallet.

1. Buying ETH on MetaMask

You can buy ETH on MetaMask using your credit or debit card.
Click on Buy and follow the prompts.

Buying ETH on MetaMask

2. Click on Continue to Wyre

Click on Continue to Wyre

3. Convert USD or any other currency into ETH

Follow the next page to enter your credit/ debit card details and ETH will get credited to your wallet.
Convert your USD or any currency to ETH (Ether)
NOTE: it can take a little while for the ETH to appear in your wallet, don’t worry, just be a little patient.

Convert USD into ETH


Once you have a MetaMask wallet and some etherium you can use that to purchase Six Zeros by clicking the Mint button on